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These sessions are based on the embodiment process and the movement dynamics that make up the backbone of the Open Floor practice. They take into account what is happening in your psyche, your body and your emotions as much as in the territory of your soul. You may drop in for one session or more. Connect. It’s all about connecting.

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These sessions are a holistic approach to human nature. They take into account what is happening in your psyche, your body and your emotions as much as in the territory of your soul.

Through these sessions you will develop regular meditation practice, learn about the Open Floor resources, Gestalt life philosophy and the principles of energetic dynamics in our relations.

You will receive mentoring and support during all meetings.

You will learn how to reconnect to your inner guidance. We will meet to take a look at what’s moving right now and here, so you will be able to take a step forward and set the new direction. We will meet in the space between the PRESENT MOMENT and the new beginning.

In this space, you will gain inner clarity. Decisions will be easier to make. You will know when to say “No, thank you” to and when to say “Yes” to.

You will be more confident, optimistic and more open-hearted.

It will be easier for you to return to your CENTER in the midst of a challenge – I promise.


For who those sessions are designed to?

  • for those of you who want to start something new or make a change, discover a new way of being – in your private life or in your profession
  • for relation to yourself – if you already practice embodied mindfulness or you just begin it is a good place to deepen your process to gain more clarity and satisfaction.
  • for the relationship with others (in private life and in your work) – when you want to find a better way of relating to your partner or people around you
  • for your own evolution & creativity – when you want to expand your emotional capacity and creative power


How can those somatic individual sessions make a difference in your life?

During our sessions, you’ll have my full attention and best thinking supporting you to clarify and manifest your own truth.

By becoming more aware, you will increase your ability to deal with life challenges with dignity and elegance. During these sessions, you will learn about Core Movement Resources – the dynamics of energies that are constantly moving in your body. By practicing you will start to cultivate the following skills, which will support your existence, will bring you more joy and freedom, and will support your whole relational life.


  • Grounding – you will learn to anchor yourself in your body so that you get a sense of security, support and connect with the earth and that what surrounds you.
  • Centering – you will learn to maintain calmness, concentration and balance to achieve greater effectiveness regardless of external events and circumstances
  • Emotional Intelligence – you will learn to work with your difficult emotions, feelings and thoughts and transforming them on a regular basis
  • Mindful relationships – you will learn how to introduce awareness into your relationship to significantly improve the quality of interaction in all spheres
  • Expansion of your potential – you will learn to reach for an unlimited source of your resources that you can realize, develop and share with the world



Accessible pricing is part of my embodied life business. Please choose what you can afford for the value of my work.

With gratitude + respect.

95 € supportive, 80 € normal, 65 € reduced

Duration: 60 min

*please note – supporters make these sessions available to others with lower income

Depending on the number of sessions the discount is possible.

Once you have made your booking I will contact you to arrange a time and date.


* For Berliners! If you are in the Job Center system and lack funding, I offer JC reimbursable sessions. Contact me for more details

Having doubts or questions? I’m also offering 20 min free consultation. Schedule a FREE consultation with me HERE.

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