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We all need an adventure from time to time, unpredictable, a bit risky, breathtaking. Let the adventure surprise you, let us start it here and now, the rest is unknown.

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We all need to take a new breath from time to time and jump into the freshness of adventure. It could be a moment of infatuation, a slight twinge in the heart or a deep leap into the unknown. Adventure comes to us when we least expect it, sometimes we even notice it only in the next moment when we say to ourselves, Wow! That was a day. Magic. I haven’t experienced something like that in a long time.

Anything can happen, the time, place and hour are unknown. We can meet in a studio, in a park, in an online space, or during a trip to Africa. This adventure starts right here – in your imagination.

During our session, we will support ourselves with resources drawn from mindfulness, Open Floor movement practice and art expression.

This is not therapy but it has a therapeutic effect. I will bring my experience, curiosity, and attention to offer you. We will not try to fix anything. We will look more at what comes our way and draw from it, play with it, follow what catches our attention – especially what you enjoy as inspiration and information for your own creativity.


This ARTventure is designed for one person or a small group of up to 3 people.

Invite a friend or colleague to this adventure or come alone. Let’s play!



Accessible pricing is part of my embodied life business. Please choose what you can afford for the value of my work.

With gratitude + respect.

65 € supportive, 55 € normal, 35 € low

Duration: 60 – 90 min

*please note – supporters make these sessions available to others with lower income

Depending on the place of our adventure, duration and circumstances, the price may change in both directions.

Once you have made your booking I will contact you to arrange a time and date.

The suggested days and time is: Tuesdays at 11.00 or Wednesdays at 18.00

The address for in person sessions: Skalitzer Str 78, 10997 Berlin

Having doubts or questions? I’m also offering 20 min free consultation. Schedule a FREE consultation with me HERE.

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low income, normal, supportive

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