About Open Floor Method


4 Relational Hungers x 4 Dimensions of Embodiment

+ Fundamental Core Movement Resources


OPEN FLOOR is a is a somatic and movement meditation practice – physical, sensual, pleasurable and rich in knowledge. It brings self awareness, mindfulness, and purpose to life. It helps us to reconnect with the wisdom of our body and heart. It deepens the connection to yourself, your relationships and the world around you.
Open Floor integrates therapeutic, creative and spiritual approaches with free movement using 4×4 framework.


The 4 Relational Hungers

Open floor is a relational work. As human beings, we long to connect, sometimes in partnership, sometimes in the group, sometimes in solitude to oneself and sometimes in relation to something bigger than us – soul, spirit, energy, God, magic.
We move constantly in and out between 4 HUNGERS.
Through Open Floor practice, we become more aware of our relational hungers and we gain more fluidity, freedom and make better choices in our relationships.


4 Dimensions of Embodiment

In our movement exploration, we include 4 dimensions of Embodiment: Physical, Emotional, Mind & Soul



Core Movement Resources (CMR)

Open Floor offers a simple movement vocabulary for the way human bodies are born to move, relate, work, play, give, receive, and rest.

By practicing and embodying these dynamics of movement, we become more attentive and can consciously support ourselves by using them in our daily lives.



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