Dance allows us to experience ourselves in a fluid, soulful and connected state. In dance, we connect to our source of power, the source of life itself.

However, for many of us, it is a challenge to transfer those qualities into our day-to-day lives.
It is a challenge for us to share with the world our authenticity, our uniqueness, and our undeniable Self.

We lose connection with ourselves amidst the demands and expectations of daily life. Yet we long to show up and be real, truthful and honest in our relationships, our careers, and our lifestyles. We often miss the structure and support that might help us transfer those skills that we discover on the dance floor into our lives.


OPEN FLOOR is a is a somatic and movement meditation practice – physical, sensual, pleasurable and rich in knowledge. It brings self awareness, mindfulness, and purpose to life. It helps us to reconnect with the wisdom of our body and heart. It deepens the connection to yourself, your relationships and the world around you. Open Floor integrates therapeutic, creative and spiritual approaches with free movement.

People who dance regularly are healthier, have keener minds and a calmer presence. Self-expression, community, creativity and fun – this is why we dance.


For Beginners – Open Floor classes

Weekly Open Floor classes are open to all.

During the practice, you will learn about simple movement vocabulary for the way human bodies are born to move, relate, work, play, give, receive, and rest. By becoming more aware, you will increase your ability to deal with life challenges in a fluid, connected and soulful way.

We invite authenticity whatever our physical or emotional state. We build tolerance to allow whatever shows up in the moment to move and express itself. On the Open Floor we move and include it all.

Open Floor is designed to support us in moving from habit to creative possibility, from fixed ideas to fluid curiosity, and back again. Range, flexibility and choice are life skills, and the touchstones of our embodied practice.

There are no steps to learn and no way to do it wrong.
The invitation is to come regardless of how you are today. Solo or with a partner. Come as you are.

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