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More Ease & Less Anxiety. Satisfying Relationships. Creative Power.

No matter where you are in your life
– whether you’re a soaring entrepreneur or an executive in a rut, a student revving up to save the planet
or stay-at-home mom with an identity crisis, an urban shaman wandering or well established –
you need to consciously cultivate your EMOTIONAL CAPACITY,

Welcome to Embodied Life with Tamara Romaniuk

Here you will find information and dates of my offers, including:
in-person and online workshops
individual somatic coaching
art in motion events
all based on:

with a deeper understanding of the body’s relationship with social, environmental, developmental, relational, spiritual, and cultural wounding and healing.


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I long, as does every human being,
to be at home wherever I find myself.

Maya Angelou

For so many of us

For those who believe that inner peace is possible, and for those who are given to consider that.

For curious hearts and sensitive bodies that sense that a satisfying and joyful life is possible. For those of us in pain - from the deep place of sorrow to the potential of transformation

Here I am. Always towards the light.

Photos & Art Gallery

Photography and Visual Arts are one of my favorite form of self-expression and a widow for inspiration. Fantasy lies at the root of our psyches, embedded in our dreams, plans, loses and loves. Art in Motion is a great addition to Open Floor practice.

An interview with me on Polish Public radio

How come it's so hard for us to be ourselves sometimes? What is a real authentic relationship? What is Open Floor about? I answer these and other questions in the interview in Polish Public Radio - Czwórka.

Art in Motion

Creativity is a force of our nature, as natural as breathing. We each possess a license to create that is irrevocable. It points us towards our essential nature, which is vast, unique, and universal.


Tamara Romaniuk


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