Embodied Relationships

Open Floor workshop series with Tamara Romaniuk

Part I : Sensation and Story

Mielno, Polish Coast
15 - 18 June 2023

From the first moment we arrive on this planet, we come into being relationally. We build our relationships not only with our caregivers, but also with gravity, the environment, social structures and with nature

Embodied Relationships - is a series of workshops devoted to all these relationships. During these encounters, in a safe atmosphere, we go beyond the generally known human interactions in our explorations and delve into the realm of physical sensations, emotional and energetic connections.

This workshop series is divided into four parts - four differentiations that are integral to Open Floor practice: Sensation & Story, Past & Present, You & Me, Intention & Impact.

When these differentiations are brought into our awareness and practice, our relationships become more satisfying, loving, energetic and empowering.

You can take part in one workshop or in the whole series.

Inhale, exhale - let your SPIRIT collaborate

where the sun sets behind the mountains and awakens in the morning by the sea

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Sensation & Story

At this retreat - surrounded by beautiful nature, in an international group of open-minded and open-hearted explorers, just off the Polish coast - we will pay attention to what is known and unknown in our relationships and what will emerge from these encounters in the present.

Immersing ourselves in an exploration of the body and movement, we will explore the realm of Sensation & Story, the hidden dimension of our relationships, the complex structure of felt meaning, which is richer and deeper than the formed explanations of our mind, and therefore our behavior.

By learning how to tap into your own body wisdom, you can create more authentic and satisfying relationships with the world and those around you.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Connect with your own body's wisdom to better understand your emotions and needs
  • Develop greater awareness of your body's cues and signals, and how to use them in your interactions with others
  • Build stronger emotional and energetic connections to what surrounds you
  • Navigate conflict and communication challenges with greater ease and clarity
  • Cultivate more fulfilling and satisfying relationships in all areas of your life

About practicality

Sessions twice a day

During the session, we will offer you various resources to help you regenerate and create new ground for the present moment and your future.

Dance on the beach

In nature we will use a silent music set - for your pleasure and respect to nature

Time for yourself

Between sessions there will be time to have lunch, rest and be in nature - swim, hike, walk around and breathe.

Date & Time:

15 - 18 June 2023

Thursday, starting at 17.00
till Sunday 13.00

Workshop fee:

Cost: 230 - 290 €

230 € early bird price, if paid in full until June 2, 2023

260 € normal price, after June 2, 2023

290 € supportive price

*Reduction possible on request - contact us here


Accessible pricing is part of my embodied life business.
Please choose what you can afford for the value of my work.

With gratitude + respect.



290 €

* please note – supporters make these sessions available to others with lower income.



260 €

* please note – supporters make these sessions available to others with lower income.

early bird

valid till May 14, 2023

230 €

* please note – supporters make these sessions available to others with lower income.

* Reduction possible on request - contact us here

** Make a down payment of 90€ now to reserve your spot


in wooden cottages by the SEA , located on a dune in the buffer zone of a pine forest just 50 m from the sea.

ZŁOTA PLAŻA ul. Słoneczna 7A, 76-032 Mielno

Accommodation Price:

22 € per person per night in a Double/Twin Room/ in bungalow with two rooms + kitchen & bathroom

35 € per person per night in a Double/Twin Room with single occupancy / in bungalow with one sleeping room & living room with kitchen + bathroom

paid at the venue

Please note! The number of places in bungalows is limited. To guarantee your spot in the "Złota Plaża" resort, you must pay down payment as soon as possible. The price is also subject to change depending on the total number of people in the cottage.

Depth. Body Resonance. Nourishment

During our time together in a safe and supportive environment you will explore new tools and techniques for building deeper connections with those around you. Whether you are seeking to improve your romantic relationships, enhance your friendships, or create more fulfilling professional relationships, this workshop has something for everyone.

Movement Meditation & Somatic Practice in nature for your health and well being

Meet with


I am exited to get to know you.

Certified Open Floor Teacher, Somatic Trainer, Therapist and Mindfulness Trainer

Her spiritual curiosity and desire for freedom have led her on adventures all over the world. She has completed studies in Gestalt consciousness and has had the opportunity to experience many techniques that combine therapy and spirituality.

She completed the Power of Awareness training with the University of California-Berkeley, Greater Good Science Center, and ATI, as well as the HP für psychotherapy training at the Christoph Mahr Institute in Berlin. She has trained with experts in contemporary psychology and neuroscience such as Stephen Porges, Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, and Tara Brach, in topics such as trauma treatment and the pain of abandonment.

Tamara is informed in the Family Systems Therapy & IRF. She and incorporates this therapeutic modality into her work with individuals, couples counseling, and group work. She has completed Integrative Trauma Somatic Therapy Training and Attachment Somatic Therapy Training. She has also participated in Clinical Trauma Professional Training Level 1 and 2, working with Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma & Integrative Sex and Couples Certification Training.

She is a member of Open Floor International, where she supports the Embodied Sexuality Circle to help expand the Embodied Exploration of Sexuality, Intimacy, and Life Force program. She is constantly working on herself and under constant supervision to offer the best services to her clients at a high level.

Tamara believes that an integrative approach to the pain of humanity, in which the body, mind, emotions, and spirit all have an equally important place, is the future of the art of healing.

Tamara Romaniuk

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