Embodied Relationships


Open Floor workshop series with Tamara Romaniuk

Part I : Sensation and Story

Mielno, Polish Coast

15 – 18 June 2023

230 € early bird price till May 14, 2023 / 260 € normal / 290 € supportive

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From the first moment we arrive on this planet, we come into being relationally. We build our relationships not only with our caregivers, but also with gravity, the environment, social structures and with nature

Embodied Relationships – is a series of workshops devoted to all these relationships. During these encounters, in a safe atmosphere, we go beyond the generally known human interactions in our explorations and delve into the realm of physical sensations, emotional and energetic connections.

This workshop series is divided into four parts – four differentiations that are integral to Open Floor practice: Sensation & Story, Past & Present, You & Me, Intention & Impact.

When these differentiations are brought into our awareness and practice, our relationships become more satisfying, loving, energetic and empowering.

You can take part in one workshop or in the whole series.


Part I : Sensation and Story

At this retreat – surrounded by beautiful nature, in an international group of open-minded and open-hearted explorers, just off the Polish coast – we will pay attention to what is known and unknown in our relationships and what will emerge from these encounters in the present.

Immersing ourselves in an exploration of the body and movement, we will explore the realm of Sensation & Story, the hidden dimension of our relationships, the complex structure of felt meaning, which is richer and deeper than the formed explanations of our mind, and therefore our behavior.

By learning how to tap into your own body wisdom, you will create more authentic and satisfying relationships with the world and those around you.

Everyone is welcome. First timer, old timer, shy or bold or curious and willing to give it a go. No experience is needed, just a body of any description and a touch of openness and curiosity. 

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