Polyvagal Theory & Emotional Intelligence at Work: Tools for Leaders, Managers, Agile Coaches


Too few leaders are aware that only a small part of success in the workplace results from traditional intelligence (IQ).
Join an online workshop with me on June 27, 2024, at 6 pm (CET)

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When I first discovered the Polyvagal Theory, created by Stephen Porges, a light came on for me illuminating all that was difficult for me to understand. Why, despite many years of practicing mindfulness and somatic movement, expanding my awareness, and working on my emotional intelligence, I still manage from time to time to reach states that are difficult to understand.

Now, it’s my pleasure to invite you to this webinar, which contains a lot of practical information covering movement practice, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and aspects of evolutionary psychology, explaining the puzzle.

Maybe like me, you like to understand things more from the cognitive side, or maybe you’re a manager, Agile Coach or Scrum Master who deals with relational skills on a daily basis at work and beyond. You know your job and tools for complex processes and team management well, and you know the basics of mindfulness and emotional intelligence, but you know there’s still something missing.

Too few leaders are aware that only a small part of success in the workplace results from traditional intelligence (IQ) and knowledge of work tools, product or service. One of the most overlooked skills in the work environment is the ability to relate and resonate with others, which is characteristic for successful teams.

This workshop will show you what it takes to skillfully build an environment and the awareness in the workplace that increases wellbeing, clear communication and productivity.

You will also learn about research-supported concepts and practices that will help you build conscious relationships within and outside your work.

We will draw on and support our exploration with research on evolutionary psychology, Open Floor embodied resources, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.


Space is limited to 8 people. There will be plenty of opportunities to engage, discuss, and ask questions


Date & Time: June 27, 2024, at 6 pm (CET)

Duration: 1,5 hours

Location: ZOOM (After you sign up, you will receive order confirmation, and later the link to join the webinar.)

Once you have made your booking I will contact you and send you the link to zoom.


This webinar is for anyone who wants to understand the difference between mindfulness and emotional intelligence, and the role they play in the context of Polyvagal Theory in our relationships, at work, and beyond.


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