Imagine You Gentle

Feel into your
heart with self compassion

In service of your well being
and relations with others

When we’re in the deepest, darkest, and worst emotional state, when it seems like self-acceptance is the farthest away, we are in fact one instant from the awareness that can transform us completely.

“Learning to love my most wounded self was my ultimate restoration.”

The discussion about the absence of self-compassion and self-acceptance may be even more imperative now than it had been for previous generations. The demands of modern society have trained us to constantly comply, compete, and compare ourselves with others and consequently derive our worthiness mainly through external perspectives, judgments, and validations. Consequently, we feel increasingly pulled out of our center and lose touch with our authentic selves..

One of the first steps toward self-compassion is to become aware of how our self-talk can be based on judgment, worry, and self-doubt. The other step is to recognize how our self-talk influence our body, our postures, our inner states, and outer shapes.

So, what can we do to make this insecure, critical, or negative inner voice stop?

Here is my offering, embodied, somatic sessions

– in person or online

Learning to love my most wounded self was my ultimate restoration. These sessions are based on my life experience + trainings in 3 overlapping domains: embodiment, mindfulness and psychotherapy.

These sessions bring to light the source of your inner shadow. They illuminate the full spectrum of your pain (from past to recent) and teach you to love what you find in the darkness. This is good parenting for your soul.

During these sessions you will learn:

  • How our subconscious influence our emotions and behaviors
  • How to draw on the resources in our body
  • How to overcome the negative inner voice
  • How to arrive at the peaceful heart center

Pay What You Choose

Accessible pricing is part of my embodied life business.
Please choose what you can afford for the value of my work.
With gratitude + respect




Please note – supporters make these sessions available to others with lower income.
Depending on the number of sessions the discount is possible.

Each session lasts 60 minutes

What others are saying about these sessions

I contacted Tamara at a time in life when I felt numb and unable to feel my feelings. I panicked as soon as negative feelings emerged, I felt lonely and isolated. With her deep empathy and calm energy, Tamara helped me out of this phase. She accompanied me on my way to learn to allow feelings and to notice what is going on inside me. She showed me the transformation process that started when I stopped to judge what I feel or think. This millisecond of awareness helped me find my way, connect with my feelings and learn about self compassion. This experience was very important and I am very, very grateful for Tamara’s soft and calm energy, which was a great support in this process.

Kinga S.