Never Good Enough (in person or online)


Practices for moving from ego critique of your mind to the adult self of your heart. (60 min live session)

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Can you imagine that? You look into your eyes and accept yourself as the precious being you are now, after going through all those layers of judgment and pain – and then accept your adult self into your heart.

Yes. It is possible, but it takes practice and it helps to have someone who can reflect the part of you that no longer serves you.

These sessions are built on the experiences of my life and the training I have gone through. It is said that the theme of your life makes you a master in giving your knowledge to others.

During these sessions:

  • you will heal the wounds of self-abandonment
  • you will learn to quickly spot those moments when self-criticism takes over
  • you will examine your over-identification with your feelings and your thoughts
  • you will shift out of approval-seeking into embodying your true nature.



Accessible pricing is part of my embodied life business. Please choose what you can afford for the value of my work.
With gratitude + respect.

95 € supportive, 80 € normal, 65 € reduced

*please note – supporters make these sessions available to others with lower income

Depending on the number of sessions the discount is possible.

Once you have made your booking I will contact you to arrange a time and date.

Having doubts? I’m also offering 20 min free consultation. Schedule a FREE consultation with me HERE.

Let us meet and discuss what is possible. How and when and if at all. We discuss. You decide.

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