Transition (in person on-going)

This on-going in person, closed and committed group is a deep dive into the creative awakenings and energies that support us to transition through the unpredictable change we are all in right now.


Transition? Isn’t where we all are at this moment on our planet?. Somewhere between spring and summer. Somewhere at the turning point. Not yet in full bloom, but already developed enough to draw more energy from the earth, from the sun, from your inner wisdom.


The place of transition is like creative tension. The polarities of what was and what could be, of holding your breath while you long to exhale.


Sometimes you hold on to old patterns, old partnership or not yet a new one, sometimes it is hard to take this next step and move forward ….  but you know something is waiting for you just around the corner – unexpected, juicy with more energy, joy and power.


This group will travel together over the time, turning up again and again, discovering new turning points in these extraordinary times.

We will meet to open our moving attention to the intelligence, creativity and resilience of the body in motion and the embodied anchors we have available to us.

We will be supported by our presence together, the art of witnessing and being witnessed.

We will use Open Floor movement practice, mindfulness and expressive art process in our exploration


Dates, Please & Price ( will be confirmed due to Covid rules )
To reserve your spot or find out more, please contact:


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