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Libido Fundamentals Ongoing with Lucie Nerot

We don’t have ALL the answers, but we have some highly enthusiastic, deeply informed,

and hardwon suggestions for joining the Libido Fundamentals Ongoing in Berlin.

We created this series of videos to bring you closer to each module,

to give you a glimpse of what will be happening during this exiting journey in Berlin.

Each module will be described in a separate video over next four days. Stay in touch.

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This video set is designed to help and give you more information.

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Tamara & Lucie


LIBIDO Fundamentals

Learn more about us and LIBIDO work in general.

Lucie Nerot - founding member of Open Floor International. She trained with Gabrielle Roth in the 5 Rhythms and with Andrea Juhan in teaching Libido Fundamentals.

Tamara Romaniuk - Open Floor teacher, assistant and organizer of Libido Ongoing in Berlin.


In the name of the body

For most of us, when we were born, there was a “it’s a girl!” or “it’s a boy!”, and with comes a male or female family lineage, expectations of what to be and not to be, what to do or not to do … all of which plays a big role in how we consider libido, sexuality and creativity. This has often gotten in the way of a free experience or expression of our libido ...


Giving and Receiving

The human being that we are was born from the encounter of an egg and a sperm. In that original imprint are many resources for giving and receiving. This is obviously key in a relationship with someone, but can also apply to our relationship with ourselves, or with a project ...


Into the Wild

Most of our wildness has been tamed through education. It is part of the development of a “me” necessary to function in society. However there is great energy there we can tap into : we all know there is a potential for wildness in sexuality that is quite unique ...


Dissolve in Delight

There is a well known saying of “post coïtum collapse” or that when an artist has finished a piece there is some form of depression. There is for sure a contrast after a strong activation, a strong feeling of aliveness and connection, and if we have not learned to navigate contrast, to feel alive when we settle, to trust the emptiness and rest in it, to relish in the pause, difficult feelings can arise ...

*** Early bird expires on February 15th, 2020 ***