The journey begins here.


The journey begins here,

With whatever is capturing your attention.


Are you gazing at the patterns on some wall?

Are you daydreaming about a celebrity?


Is there someone you love and long to cling to,

Disappear into, a soul who is a chalice for

Beauty to pour into the world?


Whatever your focus,

Give your whole being.

Gradually, step by step,

The infinity from which you both have emerged,

Will encompass you with blessing.


— The Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche


Next Wednesday, February 14th, we begin the next cycle of weekly Open Floor sessions.  

If you took part in the last workshop with Lucie Nerot, Ancient Soul – New Beginnings, you know that new beginnings start right here – with embracing all that arises.


My intention for this cycle of Open Floor sessions is to deepen our practice of presence into what is right here and allow the unfolding with clear and kind attention.

We will practice very gentle, mindful presence and include different sensations in our body – the unpleasant and pleasant that move through us.

We will learn to stay – with what is and pay attention to our limits, so we can expand our capacity and our freedom.


Register here. When you sign up for the whole cycle you get one session gratis.


This practice is reconnecting you with life which is here, over and over again so you can be more alive, more connected and more present in your daily life.


See you on the dance floor.