Can You Tolerate Your Feelings And Limits In Full Range?


I was lately on the trip – teaching Open Floor in Warsaw and Poznan, bringing this practice to the places where it’s not very well known.

The movement of expansion and contraction was with me. Partly because of the experience of teaching sometimes bigger group and sometimes smaller.

Partly because we all experience this movement all the time. And especially we can feel it very strong when we get out of our comfort zone when we want to expand, start something new, go to the unknown.

Often when we do that we touch our limits. It can feel awful and uncomfortable. All those familiar questions are appearing then … why am I doing that, what’s the point, what people will think about me and so on – it’s a process which is going on in us whenever we step out to unknown.

So, why anyone would want to do it?

My answer would be …  because it’s our nature because we want to grow.

What fascinates me about this movement dynamic is how can we touch these uncomfortable places and be fine with it?
What do we need in order to tolerate our feelings and limitations to the full extent?

As you may expect, this will be the topic of my next Open Floor class in Berlin.