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  Can you imagine the place of transition?  Maybe it’s exactly where you are right now. Somewhere between spring and summer.. Not yet in full bloom, but already developed enough to draw more energy from the earth, from the sun, from your inner wisdom. The place of transition is like creative tension. The polarities of what was and what could be, of holding your breath while you long to exhale. Sometimes you hold on to old patterns, old partnership or not yet a new one, sometimes it is hard to take this next step and move forward ….  but you
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Can You Tolerate Your Feelings And Limits In Full Range?

  I was lately on the trip – teaching Open Floor in Warsaw and Poznan, bringing this practice to the places where it’s not very well known. The movement of expansion and contraction was with me. Partly because of the experience of teaching sometimes bigger group and sometimes smaller. Partly because we all experience this movement all the time. And especially we can feel it very strong when we get out of our comfort zone when we want to expand, start something new, go to the unknown. Often when we do that we touch our limits. It can feel awful and
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